85 Phosphoric Acid

85 phosphoric acid refers to the liquid phosphoric acid containing 85 grams of H3PO4 in 100g of phosphoric acid solution. The concentration of the substance amount of 85% concentrated phosphoric acid is 1.874g/ml. Phosphoric acid 85% is thick liquid, colorless, transparent or slightly light-colored in appearance. Chemate can supply both food grade and tech grade 85 phosphoric acid. Feel free to inquiry us for the best quotation.


N.W G.W Qty of Drums/20fcl Loading 
1 35kgs/drum 36.5kgs/drum 760drums Net 26.6MT per 20’fcl
2 330kgs/drum 340.5kgs/drum 80drums Net 26.4MT per 20’fcl
3 1650kgs/IBC 1710kgs/IBC 16drums Net 26.4MT per 20’fcl

Technical Specification

Item Index
Food Grade 85 Phosphoric Acid Tech Grade 85 Phosphoric Acid
Color/Hazen  ≤ 20 30
Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) content, % ≥ 85.0 85.0
Arsenic (As) content, % ≤ 0.00005 0.005
Fluorine (F) content, % ≤ 0.001
Heavy metal (Pb) content, % ≤ 0.0005 0.001
(Fe) % ≤ 0.002
Easily oxidized substances (H3PO3) content, % ≤ 0.012
(CL)% ≤ 0.0005
(SO4),% ≤ 0.005

What Are Uses of 85 Phosphoric Acid

  1. Mainly used in phosphate industry, electroplating, polishing industry, sugar industry, compound fertilizer, etc.
  2. Used for the preparation of chemical fertilizers, detergents, food and feed additives, flame retardants.
  3. Often used as analytical reagents.
  4. For volumetric and colorimetric analysis.
  5. In the production of silicon flat tubes and integrated circuits, aluminum films are generally used as electrode leads. And it is necessary to perform photolithography on the aluminum films and use phosphoric acid asCan be used with acetic acid.
  6. 85 phosphoric acid can be used with acetic acid.
  7. In the food industry. It can be used as a sour agent and a nutrient for yeast. It can be used as a sour agent for seasonings, canned food, and refreshing beverages. It is used as a nutrient source for yeast during winemaking to prevent the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria.
  8. Wet-process phosphoric acid 85% is mainly used to manufacture various phosphates, such as ammonium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, trisodium phosphate, etc. and condensed phosphates.
  9. Refined phosphoric acid is used to make calcium hydrogen phosphate for feed.
  10. Usedfor phosphating treatment of metal surface, prepare electrolytic polishing liquid and chemical polishing liquid for polishing aluminum products.
  11. Inpharmaceutical industry, it is used to manufacture sodium glycerophosphate, iron phosphate, etc., and also used to manufacture zinc phosphate as a dental filling adhesive.
  12. Used as a catalyst for the condensation of phenolic resins, a drying agent for the production of dyes and intermediates.
  13. In printing industry, it is used to formulate cleaning solutions for removing stains on offset color printing plates.
  14. Also used to prepare matchstick dipping liquid.
  15. Inmetallurgical industry, it is used to produce phosphoric acid refractory mud to improve the life of steelmaking furnaces.
  16. It is a coagulant for rubber slurry and a raw material for the production of inorganic binders.
  17. Inpaint industry, it is used as metal anti-rust paint.

What Is 85 phosphoric acid density

85 phosphoric acid density refers to the ratio of its real mass to volume. Its density is calculated by dividing its substantial mass by its volume in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3). The density of 85 phosphoric acid generally ranges from about 1.7 g/cm3 to 3.4 g/cm3. Its density is inversely proportional to its solubility, since the more soluble, the lower its density.

The 85 phosphoric acid density can be determined by experimental measurement. According to different experimental processes and the results, adopt appropriate experiments to measure the density of 85% phosphoric acid in order to obtain more accurate results.

In addition, when testing the density of phosphoric acid, please follow certain safe operating conditions. Avoid contamination by high temperature and harmful substances as much as possible. Meanwhile, use good experimental instruments and analytical equipment to ensure reliable experimental results.

What Are Advantages of Phosphoric Acid 85 Percent

Phosphoric acid 85 percent has many advantages. It can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, promote the growth and development of plants, increase the yield of crops. At the same time, it can also improve the quality of farmland, purify water, protect soil and prevent water pollution. So it is widely used in agriculture, industry and household purposes.

In addition, 85 phosphoric acid can also be used to disinfect water supply, prevent pathogenic microbial contamination, protect water resources, promote public health, purify water bodies and improve the quality of water supply for residents, prevent water pollution. As a harmless and low-toxic substance, 85 ortho phosphoric acid can be sued for safe disinfection or purification of water without causing harm to human body and environment.

Know About The Crystallization of Liquid Ortho Phosphoric Acid

The crystallization point of phosphoric acid is 21°C. When the temperature is lower than this temperature, hemihydrate crystals will precipitate. Generally, commercially available phosphoric acid will deviate from its crystallization point when it is lower than 21°C, and crystallization will not occur immediately. This is due to the supercooling properties of phosphoric acid. But as long as such a low temperature lasts for a period of time, phosphoric acid will easily crystallize in a static state.

Crystallization of phosphoric acid is a physical change rather than a chemical change like other liquid crystallization. Its chemical properties won’t change due to crystallization, as long as its is melted at a temperature or diluted with heated water, it can still be sued normally.

Why 85 Ortho Phosphoric Acid Crystallizes in Winter

The higher the concentration of phosphoric acid, the higher the purity and the higher the crystallinity. According to experience, when the temperature is around 4℃, the crystallinity of 85% phosphoric acid increases. If crystalline phosphoric acid is accidentally mixed in, it will cause the phosphoric acid that was not crystallized to be immediately infected and crystallized. Moreover, the crystallization of phosphoric acid 85 percent is extremely rapid, causing most of the phosphoric acid storage containers to crystallize. After the crystallization of liquid phosphoric acid, the phosphoric acid in the upper part becomes thinner, and the needle-like crystal pure phosphoric acid is deposited in the lower part.

According to experience, 75% phosphoric acid is also more difficult to crystallize at lower temperatures. Therefore, under lower temperature conditions, it is recommended to use 75% phosphoric acid.

How to Prevent 85% Phosphoric Acid Crystallization

85% Phosphoric Acid in Drum

When sampling, once phosphoric acid crystals are found in the drum, don’t use this sampling tool with crystals for other sampling. Because when it comes into contact with other liquid, it is very easy to cause the crystallization of other uncrystallized liquid phosphoric acid.

Bulk 85 Phosphoric Acid

It is necessary to do a good job of heat preservation for acid discharge pipelines and storage tanks. Manufacturers with conditions can use low-temperature steam or hot water for heat preservation. In addition, the manufacturer can adjust the concentration of phosphoric acid in time according to production needs. It is better to use 80% and 75% phosphoric acid.

During use, pay attention to the insulation of the phosphoric acid pipeline. Once the phosphoric acid pipeline is crystallized, it can be heated on the outer wall with steam to melt it, and the inner wall tube can be purged with steam until the phosphoric acid crystals are completely melted, so as to prevent the recrystallization of the phosphoric acid pipeline.

How to Treat Crystalline Phosphoric Acid

In drum

If crystallization of phosphoric acid is found, it can be heated in a hot water bath. Put the barreled crystalline phosphoric acid into a container, fill the container with water, and then inject steam into the water.

Keep the temperature of the water bath at 50-60°C for about a day and night.

Stir and shake regularly during the heating process to ensure that the liquid is evenly heated.

Crystalline phosphoric acid will slowly melt into a liquid without changing its physical and chemical properties.

In tank

Heating pipeline hot water for water circulation heating treatment. Control the water temperature below 90℃. For that, Temperature exceeding 100℃ may cause phosphoric acid to corrode packaging containers and deteriorate.

During use, pay attention to the insulation of the phosphoric acid pipeline. Once the phosphoric acid pipeline is crystallized, it can be melted by heating the outer wall with steam. And use steam to purge the inner wall pipe until the phosphoric acid crystals are completely melted, so as to prevent the recrystallization of the phosphoric acid pipe.

What Is The PH of 85 Phosphoric Acid

First, 85% phosphoric acid is concentrated phosphoric acid. The PH value is generally for dilute solutions, not concentrated solutions.

The PH value of phosphoric acid is related to its specific concentration. For example, if the phosphoric acid solution is 1% concentration (that is, 10 ml of phosphoric acid in water, 90 ml of water), then the pH value of 1% phosphoric acid is 2.2.

At the same time, the pH value changes with the change of its concentration. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration, the higher the pH value, that is, the pH value will change when diluting different concentrations of phosphoric acid.

Package and Storage

85 phosphoric acid belongs to secondary inorganic acid with corrosive property. The bung hole of the package must be tightly sealed with an inner cover and an outer cover. At any time, please keep it sealed.

Phosphoric Acid 85 Price

The change of 85 phosphoric acid price is affected by the raw material yellow phosphorus and other factors. The price of chemicals is always volatile. If you have any need, please feel free to inquiry us for the latest price.

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