Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

  • Product Name: Trisodium Phosphate
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder or granules
  • Main Uses: Food processing industry, water softener, boiler scale inhibitor and other industrial fields
  • CAS NO.: 7601-54-9
  • HS Code: 28352910
  • MF: Na3PO4.12H2O
  • MW: 380.14

Trisodium phosphate (TSP) can be regarded as the product obtained by using phosphate H3PO4 as the matrix and replacing all the three hydrogen ions H+ contained in its molecular formula with three sodium atoms Na. The trisodium phosphate formular is Na3PO4. The trisodium phosphate for sale in our company can be divided into food grade and industrial grade trisodium phosphate tsp chemical. Please choose according to your uses and contact us for quotation.

Technical Specifications of Trisodium Phosphate TSP

Items Na3PO4 .12H2O Na3PO4
Main contents% ≥ 98.0  98.0
Content (P2O5)  ≥% 18.3 39.5
Sulfate as SO4 % ≤ 0.5 0.5
Water insoluble% ≤ 0.1 0.1
Chloride as Cl% ≤ 0.4 0.4
As w/% ≤ 0.005 0.005
Fe w/% ≤ 0.01 0.01
PH(10g/L) % 11.5-12.5 11.5-12.5
Package In double layer bags of 25 Kg or 50 Kg or 1000 Kg net.

Uses of Trisodium Phosphate

>>> In Food

As quality improver, food grade tsp has the effect of improving the complexing metal ions, PH value and ionic strength of food, so as to improve the cohesiveness and water holding capacity of food. Widely used in dairy food, meat food, baked food, flour food, all kinds of drinks, candy, seasoning and so on. However, the food safety regulations state that the amount of it in each type of food is different, such as, the maximum usage in cheese is 5g/kg, the maximum usage in ham, meat, fish, shrimp and crab is 3k/kg, the maximum usage in cans, beverages and dairy products is 0.5k/kg. Please strictly follow the food safety regulations to ensure the safety.

>>> In Water Treatment And Industrial Fields

  • Used as water softener and detergent in chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, power generation and other industries.
  • Used as boiler scale inhibitor. Trisodium phosphate tsp can act with soluble calcium salt and magnesium salt, which are easy to form pot scale in water, and forms insoluble calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and other sediments suspended in water, so that the boiler won’t form pot scale. At the same time, the excess trisodium phosphate can also make the knotted portion of the scale become soft and fall off. Therefore, it can save the coal used by boiler, maintain the safety of boiler and extend the service life of boiler.
  • PH-based buffer for the production of adhesives for wax paper.
  • Fixing agent for printing and dyeing.
  • Mercerizing enhance for fabric and anti-brittleness agent for thread making.
  • Used for chemical oil removal, decontamination in metallurgical industry.
  • Tooth cleaner and bottle detergent.
  • Rubber milk coagulant, sugar juice purification agent.

>>> Other Uses

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Raw materials of health care drugs, biological drugs, base materials, etc…
  • It can replace glycerine as a flavoring of tobacco.
  • For all kinds of experimental research and development.
  • Additives for daily chemical products, such as, facial cleanser, cosmetic cream, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, mask, etc…
  • Trisodium phosphate tsp can also used for pet canned, animal feed, nutritional feed, genetically modified feed development, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, veterinary drug products and so on.

>>> Trisodium Phosphate for Cleaning

Trisodium phosphate can be used as detergent of aluminum corrosion inhibitor and steel corrosion inhibitor, react with the calcium salt and magnesium salt in hard water and become insoluble calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate salt. These phosphates are not sticky and won’t stick to the fabric like the calcium and magnesium salts of soap. In addition, it also have osmosis and emulsification effect, which can increase the wetting ability of water, remove the dirt from hard surfaces and metal surfaces.

Features of Trisodium Phosphate

Physical Property

It is always colorless or white crystal powder with the property of being soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. It smells odorless. The aqueous solution is strongly basic and the PH value of 1% aqueous solution is 11.5 to 12.1.

Chemical property

It is deliquescent and weathered in dry air to form sodium dihydrogen phosphate and sodium bicarbonate. Almost completely decomposed into disodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium hydroxide in water. When it is heated to 55-65℃, it will produce decahydrate, heated to 60-100℃ to produce monohydrate and heated to above 212℃ to produce anhydrate.

Preparation of TSP

  • Spray drying. Add crystallization of trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate to the dissolution tank and add 10% to 15% of water, then heat it to 85-95℃. Stir it. After dissolving, perform solution purification and the refined solution is pumped to the metering tank and atomized by a sprayer. The atomizer adopts a two-flow airflow nozzle. Spray drying is carried out at the atomized staem guide angle and level of 30°, atomized steam pressure of 0.15-0.3mpa, inlet temperature of 650-750℃ and outlet temperature of 140-170℃. Then the anhydrous sodium trisodium phosphate product can be obtained
  • Thermal phosphoric acid method. First, neutralization reaction of hot phosphoric acid with caustic soda. Then the neutralized liquid is cooled, crystallized, centrifuged and dried to get the trisodium phosphate TSP chemical.
  • Extraction phosphoric acid method. At 90-100℃, sodium fluorosilicate is precipitated when phosphoric acid is neutralized and extracted by industrial soda ash to convert 50% to 70% acid into monosodium phosphate. Filter it and the filtrate is further neutralized with soda ash to slightly alkaline with the PH value of 8.4 to 8.6. Then neutralized with sodium hydroxide solution to form trisodium phosphate. Filter it while hot, the liquid is concentrated to a relative density of 1.24 to 1.26. And then cooled to 25-70℃ for crystallization. Thee trisodium phosphate can be obtained after centrifugation and drying. The mother liquor can be reused.

Where to Buy Trisodium Phosphate

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