Successful Cases

  • Successful Cases

27MT Sodium Tripolyphosphate Ready to Be Shipped to Peru

Our company has an old customer from Peru. He has purchased chemical products from our company many times. Because he…

3 months ago
  • Successful Cases

50MT SAPP to Saudi Arabia

At the end of August, the Saudi customer inquired the price of 50MT SAPP. After we have a preliminary understanding of…

8 months ago
  • Successful Cases

An Old Customer Ordered 100 tons SHMP

Congradulations on the successful delivery of 100 tons of SHMP powder ordered by our Saudi Arabian customer. This is the…

10 months ago
  • Successful Cases

160 Tons SHMP 68% to Dammam

On the evening of Thursday, November 11th, our company’s Google SEO website received an inquiry for sodium hexametaphosphate 68%. Our…

1 year ago
  • Successful Cases

Phosphoric Acid 85% food grade to Vietnam

On November 11th, our company received an inquiry for phosphoric acid from a Vietnamese customer. Our sales manager immediately got…

2 years ago
  • Successful Cases

STPP – Sodium Tripolyphosphate to Saudi Arabia

A regular customer Saudi Arabia ordered two containers of STPP - Sodium Tripolyphosphate 94% tech grade, the packing of 25kg…

3 years ago
  • Successful Cases

STPP Professional Product Knowledge Wins Orders

Many customers inquiryed about sodium tripolyphosphate stpp. They simply told us that they need this phosphate for ceramics, but many customers…

3 years ago
  • Successful Cases

1 containers of SHMP shipped to Malaysia

A customer from Selangor - Malaysia contacted us on the recommendation of his friend and said that he wanted to…

3 years ago
  • Successful Cases

Trisodium Phosphate to Iran

Trisodium phosphate, a widely used phosphorus chemical in food production processing and some industrial fields, was shipped to Iran from…

3 years ago
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Sodium Hexametaphosphate to Saudi Arabia

We shipped a large quantity of sodium hexametaphosphate(SHMP) to Saudi Arabia recently. The customer send us email for more details from our…

3 years ago
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