Trisodium Phosphate for Cleaning

Trisodium phosphate is a kind of alkaline cleaner, which is commonly used for cleaning and descaling, boiler softening, and sewage treatment. Trisodium phosphate for cleaning always works great.

Trisodium Phosphate for Boiler Cleaning

After the boiler is used for a period of time, due to the high evaporation intensity as well, the calcium and magnesium ions in the boiler water will evaporate and concentrate forming scale. The occurrence of scale problems will seriously affect the working efficiency of boiler. Using trisodium phosphate for cleaning boiler is a good way.

As a chemical scale remover, it can be used in alkali descaling. The medicines of the mixed liquor for alkaline cooking are sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and trisodium phosphate(tsp). The proportioning concentration is 0.3-0.5% of sodium hydroxide and 0.5-1% of trisodium phosphate. When used it for boiler cleaning, increase the pressure to half of the rated pressure slowly, and cook at high water level for 24 to 48 hours, then let the lye out. Rinse the boiler with clean water until the pH value of the effluent is less than 9. The role of phosphate in the boiler is to form loose calcium phosphate or magnesium phosphate in the drum. They are relatively easy to float on the surface of the boiler water, so they should be eliminated by surface drainage, that is to say, it can prevent the formation of insoluble scale on the inner wall of the boiler tube. Actually, trisodium phosphate for boiler cleaning can be considered as a scale inhibitor. As a commonly used boiler cleaning agent, it can make calcium and magnesium ions in boiler water form a non-adhesive basic calcium phosphate. These soft water slag will be discharged from the boiler.

Trisodium Phosphate for Household Cleaning

Trisodium phosphate cleaner can be used to clean your home. Suitable with most washable walls, floors and woodwork, it can remove the dirt, greese, grime, soot, chalked paint, as well as painting on the walls and floors easily. In addition, it can also stains and rust from mechanical and electrical surfaces.

Advantages of Trisodium Phosphate for Cleaning

  • High efficacy. There is little doubt that TSP cleaner always works well. It can remove stubborn stains that other method can’t achieve.
  • Easy to use. Once diluted, it can be used easily with a brush, sponge or sprayer.
  • Suitable for exterior surfaces. It can be used on varieties of surfaces, such as, brick and stone, cement, wood, and roofingwithout damage.
  • It can eliminate mold and mildew when combined with household bleach.

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