50MT SAPP to Saudi Arabia

At the end of August, the Saudi customer inquired the price of 50MT SAPP. After we have a preliminary understanding of the specifications, packaging and uses required by the customer, we quoted a very competitive price to the customer. After multiple consideration and comparison of many suppliers, the customer believes that our company is more powerful and our products are more competitive. Finally, the client confirmed the contract with us.

SAPP Warehouse

Due to the government’s powder curtailment policy, almost all yellow phosphorus factories have reduced production. After the contract was confirmed, the price of raw material rose sharply. The original quotation to customers has been far lower than the market price and even close to the production cost. In the case of almost no profit, our company still honestly and honestly maintained the original price for the customer, and quickly arranged the delivery. After the first pleasant cooperation, customers said that they have listed our company as their preferred supplier.

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