Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate

Is Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Safe Used in Food

Sodium pyrophosphate or sodium acid pyrophosphate are edible phosphates, which are helpful for baking and fermentation, such as baking powder. It can help prevent food from discoloration, such as, used for peeled potatoes. Sodium pyrophosphate … Read more

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Is Sodium Hexametaphosphate Harmful in Food

There are trace amounts of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead in food grade SHMP. Arsenic can cause systemic chronic poisoning mainly due to skin depigmentation, coloration, keratinization and cancer. Food grade sodium hexametaphosphate also has … Read more

Trisodium Phosphate for Cleaning

What Is Phosphate And Its Uses

What Is Phosphate Phosphate is one of the natural ingredients of almost all foods, as an important food ingredient and functional additive, it is widely used in food processing. It is a salt of phosphoric … Read more

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About Sodium Hexametaphosphate Corrosion Inhibitor

Sodium hexametaphosphate corrosion inhibitor is one of the commonly used water treatment corrosion inhibitor, which can inhibit metal corrosion on the surface of the equipment. Advantages of Sodium Hexametaphosphate Corrosion Inhibitor It forms complexes with … Read more

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Detergent Builders

Chelating Agent And Ion Exchanger In the history of detergents, phosphates, silicates and carbonates have always been important detergent builders. Especially sodium tripolyphosphate stpp powder, which is considered to be an detergent auxiliary agent that acts … Read more

STPP Chemical Powder for Sale in Chemate

Functions of STPP in Detergent Powder

The uses of STPP powder in detergent can make powder detergent products have good fluidity. Since STPP chemical powder can form a stable hydrate apoo-6ho, which has a low steam pressure at room temperature and is … Read more