Introduction of Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate SAPP ROR

Sodium acid pyrophosphate SAPP ROR value is the gas generation rate value. It refers to the actual value of sodium bicarbonate and SAPP in a wet dough environment at 8 min. The volume of CO2 released accounts for the percentage of the total volume of CO2 released in theory.

The influencing factors for determining the ROR value include temperature, amount of water added, ingredients in the formula, and stirring speed. The best measurement conditions are cake distribution, temperature is (27±0.5)℃ degrees, the amount of water added is 40 mL, and the stirring speed is 60r/min.

SAPP ROR is a range, not a fixed value. Different companies have different test methods and application ranges. The specific scope is also different. ROR 28 is a medium-speed starter, which is usually the most in demand product, with a value range of 24 to 30. ROR for fast products, the range of 40 is 35~43, while the range of slow starter ROR 15 is 13~17, the demand is very small.

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