What Is Phosphate And Its Uses

What Is Phosphate

Phosphate is one of the natural ingredients of almost all foods, as an important food ingredient and functional additive, it is widely used in food processing. It is a salt of phosphoric acid, which is a very important substance in inorganic chemistry, biochemistry and biogeochemistry.

Basic Classification of Phosphates

Phosphate can be divided into orthophosphate and condensation phosphate. Orthophosphoric acid is a tribasic acid. There are three kinds of orthophosphates, dihydrogen phosphate, also known as first-generation phosphate. Hydrogen phosphate, also known as secondary phosphate. Orthophosphate, also known as tertiary phosphate.

Metaphosphate is usually a compound that aggregates into a ring. Common are dipolymetaphosphate and tetrapolymetaphosphate. Polymetaphosphate does not have a definite crystal structure and is also called phosphate glass. Sodium hexametaphosphate is the most common phosphate glass body. It has no fixed melting point, and its solubility in water is uncertain. The pH of the aqueous solution is between 5.5-6.4. It is actually a long-chain compound with 20-100 PO3 units. Chain-type phosphate can be used as boiler water treatment agent, pigment dispersant, mud dispersant and metal preservative.

What Are Phosphates Used for

In food processing industry. Phosphates used in food processing are usually sodium, calcium, potassium, and iron and zinc salts as nutritional fortifiers. There are more than 30 varieties of commonly used food-grade phosphates. Sodium phosphate is the main consumption type. With the development of food processing technology, the consumption of potassium phosphate is also increasing year by year.

In order to give full play to the synergistic effect between various phosphates and other additives and meet the development needs of food processing technology, various compound phosphates are often used as food ingredients and functional additives in practical applications, compound phosphoric acid The research and development of salt has increasingly become the development direction of the development and application of phosphate food additives.

In agriculture, phosphate is one of the three main nutrients of plants and the main ingredient of fertilizers. Generally, it will be chemically processed into lime superphosphate, superphosphate or ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. Their concentration is higher than that of phosphate, and they are more soluble in water, so plants can absorb it faster.

In water treatment. Phosphates are generally used in detergents as water softeners, but because the prosperity and decline cycle of the Pagoda species will affect the discharge of phosphates in the watershed, phosphate detergents are regulated in some areas.

Phosphate is used as a binder in refractory materials. Phosphate binder is a refractory binder with acid orthophosphate or polycondensed phosphate as the main compound and has gelling properties. The combination of phosphate binder is chemical reaction combination or polymerization combination. Most of the binders made by the reaction of phosphoric acid with alkali metal or alkaline earth metal oxides and their hydroxides are gas-hardening binders, that is, condensation and hardening can occur at room temperature without heating. Most of the binders made by the reaction of phosphoric acid with amphoteric oxides and hydroxides or acidic oxides are thermo-hardened binders, which must be heated to a certain temperature to react before they can condense and harden. Phosphate is used as a binder for refractory materials and has strong bonding strength in the middle and low temperature range before ceramic bonding, so it is widely used as a binder for unshaped refractories and unburned refractories.

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