Sodium Tripolyphosphate Uses

Sodium tripolyphosphate is an inorganic surfactant with the properties of organic surfactants. It can be used in detergents, also used in water softening, tanning, dye, paint, petroleum, papermaking, organic synthesis, medicine,m rubber, food processing and some other various industrial fields.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate Uses In Food

  1. Used as water purification and softening agent. STPP can chelate with the metal ions in the solution, such as, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cu2+, Fe2+ to produce soluble chelates, thus reducing the hardness of water.
  2. Pericarp softeners. It can make vegetable, fruit peel quickly soften, shorten the cooking time and improve the rate of pectin.
  3. Antidiscoloration agent, antiseptic. STPP can promote the decomposition of of Vitamin C and the discoloration of pigment. It can also prevent meat, poultry and fish corruption, extend the food storage period.
  4. Bleaching protective agent and deodorant. It can improve the bleaching effect and remove the stench in metal ions.
  5. Used as emulsifier, pigment meat powder dispersant, antidelamination agent and thickening agent. It can disperse insoluble substances in water and stabilize suspension to prevent the attachment and condensation of suspension.
  6. Strong buffer, preservative. It can control and maintain a stable PH range, which can make the food taste more delicious. It can also acidity and acid rate.
  7. Water retention agent and softening agent. It has the enhancement function to the protein and glue globulin, so it can increased the hydration and water retention of meat products, as well as enhance the water permeability, promote the food softening and the quality of food, maintain the fine flavor of food.
  8. Used as anticoagulant. In milk products, it can prevent the aggregation of milk when it is heated, and prevent the separation of milk protein and fat, moisture.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate Uses In Water Treatment

  1. The function of dispersion and solubilization. The aqueous solution of STPP is weakly alkaline that the PH value of 1% aqueous solution is about 9.7. In the water with the PH value from 4.3 to 14, it can form the chaotic liquid, that is the dispersion action. Sodium tripolyphosphate can also make liquid and solid particles better soluble in liquid medium, such as water, so that the solution appearance is completely transparent, like the real solution, that is the solubilization function of STPP. Due to its unique properties, sodium tripolyphosphate is an important ideal material for detergents.
  2. Sodium tripolyphosphate uses in water reducer. It can increase the hardening strength of iCO2 in water glass sand, reduce the residual strength of water glass sand at high temperature and improve its collapsibility. It is easily soluble in water glass and can form PO4 and SiO4 composite vitreous network with silicate, which can improve the adhesion of water glass. The role of STPP in concrete superplasticizer is to improve the maintenance of concrete slump, prolong the setting time.
  3. Used as antiscale agent in cooling water treatment. The addition of trace polyphosphate into water can effectively destroy the normal growth process of crystals, such as, calcium carbonate, thus preventing the formation of scale.
  4. Used as water softener in water treatment. STPP has the properties of ion exchange agent, which can form a soluble complex with the calcium, magnesium and iron ions in the water, play the role of shielding calcium, magnesium hard salt and prevent the formation of Ca, Mg scale. In addition, it also has the functions of surface activity and strong buffering, so it can be used as a corrosion inhibitor.

Other Industrial Uses

Used as main auxiliary gent of synthetic detergents, leather pre-tanning agent, dyeing assistant, organic synthesis catalyst, dispersant of pharmaceutical industry and food additive, etc…

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