STPP Professional Product Knowledge Wins Orders

Many customers inquiryed about sodium tripolyphosphate stpp. They simply told us that they need this phosphate for ceramics, but many customers did not know whether it was used for glaze or embryo, especially tender, at this time we need help customers choose the right specifications.

One of our currently cooperationed tender asked us for STPP and directly stated that the end user need this chemical used in ceramics. However, through the packing quantity, we found that it didn’t meet the ceramic grade packing quantity. Because that ceramic grade need low density, but the packing volume is small. Then we took the initiative to introduce the different uses of ceramic grade stpp chemical, and let the customer confirm with the end user whether it is used for embryo.

Finally confirmed our judgment, the end user is indeed used for the embryo. But because of the particularity of the product, we still send samples to the customer to ensure that the product meets the end user requirements. Professional product knowledge, let customers rest assured to cooperate with us for a long-term.

STPP Chemical for Ceramic
Sodium Tripolyphosphate stpp
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