STPP – Sodium Tripolyphosphate to Saudi Arabia

A regular customer Saudi Arabia ordered two containers of STPP – Sodium Tripolyphosphate 94% tech grade, the packing of 25kg PP woven bags, 1000 kg per high quality wood pallet (both sides are wooden planks), 20 pallets per 20 feet container. Total 40 tons this time. This customer is using it in the water treatment industry, purchase every two months. We worked together for more than seven years.
Purchase Tech Grade STPP from Chemate
Sodium Tripolyphosphate Tech Grade to Saudi Arabia

Sodium tripolyphosphate – STPP tech grade is mainly used as additive for synthetic detergent, synergist for soap, softener for industrial water, dispersant for drilling mud, tanning agent for leather, dyeing agent for textile, catalyst for organic synthesis, as well as pharmaceutical, petroleum and synthetic rubber.

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