Trisodium Phosphate in Food

As food additive, trisodium phosphate in food is very common. As we all know, a lot of food has a shelf life. In order to make food keep much longer, the raw materials are further processed, which makes the food not only preserved for a long time, but also becomes more delicious. However, these processed foods will contain food additives. Trisodium phosphate is such a kind of phosphorus-derived food additives, which is widely used in various types of food processing.

Why Trisodium Phosphate TSP Is Used In Food?

Trisodium phosphate is sodium orthophosphate, which can be seen from the formula Na3PO4. When it dissolves in water, it dissolves into a phosphate ions and three sodium ions. Sodium hydroxide is a strong base and phosphoric acid is a medium-strong acid. When the two are fully neutralized, the resulting trisodium phosphate tsp is an alkaline salt. So it is usually used to decrease acidity and can also improve the texture in foods like meat products. In addition, it can also be used as leavening agents in baked foods, help retain moisture, increase shelf life and prevent spoilage.

Is Trisodium Phosphate in Food Bad for Health?

Tirsodium phosphate and some other phosphates can be used in both industrial fields and food processing fields. Many people. are concerned about the safety of the uses of trisodium phosphate is food. First, what we need to know is that trisodium phosphate used in food processing and industrial fields are of different grades. Only the food grade tsp can be used as food additives and the content of its various substances is strictly controlled. Trisodium phosphate food grade is used throughout the world and recognized as safe by regulatory agencies like the FDA and the European Union. But food processors must still strictly control the amount of food additives used in different foods and make it meets food safety standards.

The Dosage of TSP Prescribed In Food

According to the provisions of the international standard for the use of food additives in food safety, the maximum usage of trisodium phosphate is 5 g/kg if it is used in milk and dairy products, fresh cream, water oil fat emulsion products, water and oil fat emulsion products outside of fat emulsion products (including hybrid and flavor of fat emulsion products), frozen drinks (except eating ice), canned vegetables, cooked nuts and seeds (only Fried nuts and seeds), cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products, as well as candy wet flour, wheat flour, wheat flour and its products, (such as noodles, the wrappers, wonton skins, bread skin), and the batter (such as for fish and poultry meat batter), powder coating, fried powder, grains, edible starch, ready-to-eat cereals (including roll oatmeal or oatmeal), prepared meat products, cooked meat products, frozen aquatic products, frozen fish surimi products (including fish balls, etc.), heat-set egg products (such as yolk cheese, egg sausage), beverages (except packaged drinking water), jelly etc…
The maximum usage in milk powder, cream powder and flavoring syrup is 10.0g/kg.For rice flour (including glutinous rice flour), cereals and starch desserts (such as rice pudding, cassava pudding, canned cereals only), pre-made aquatic products (semi-finished products), canned aquatic products, it can be used at a maximum of 1. o g / kg. The maximum amount of tsp used in compound seasoning is 20. o g / kg. For other solid compound seasonings (only for instant wet noodle seasoning packages), the maximum usage is 80.0 g / kg. For puffed food, cooked nuts and seeds (only for Fried nuts and seeds), the maximum usage is 2.0 g/kg. The maximum usage of 20g/kg for other oils and fats or oils and fats products (limited to plant fat powder only). The maximum amount of tsp used in reconstituted cheese is 15.0 g/kg. Used for canned whole grain, other whole grain products (only limited to frozen potato chips, frozen hash, frozen mashed potato, frozen sweet potato), the maximum usage is 1.59 / kg. Trisodium phosphate can be used singly or in combination, based on phosphate (P03).

Where to Buy Trisodium Phosphate

Trisodium phosphate is a widely used chemical product and there are many trisodium phosphate manufacturers and suppliers at the same time. So special care must be taken in selecting manufacturers. First, try to choose a manufacturer with a relatively large production scale. Although many small scale manufacturers can also produce this chemical, but due to its limited specifications and capabilities, the quality and quantity of trisodium phosphate tsp produced are not as good as these large trisodium phosphate manufacturers. In terms of the price, according to the scale of manufactures, the quality of products produced and the difference in the quantities purchased by consumers, the price will also fluctuate to a certain extent. However, trisodium phosphate in food is used as food additive, it is more important to consider the quality than the price to avoid unsafe consequences when buying. Chemate, a professional and reliable manufacturer of various types of phosphates can supply high quality food grade TSP, STPP, SHMP, SAPP with competitive price. Feel free to inquiry us for quotation now.

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