Sodium Tripolyphosphate Safe in Production Process

Risk Analysis in Production Process

Process parameters of production unit: acid-base neutralization reaction, high-pressure spraying, polymerization furnace polymerization reaction temperature, pressure, gas, etc… Once abnormal conditions occur, it may cause burns of high-temperature materials, acid and alkali burns, gas fires and explosions. We will analyze the risk of the production process based on these process parameters.

  1. Acid-base neutralization reaction. Severe response or other abnormal conditions may lead to burns. The carbon dioxide produced causes poisoning, material transportation leakage causses burns, as well as acid and alkali burns.
  2. The polymerization reaction may cause gas leakage poisoning, combustion, explosion. The limit of gas explosion is 12.5-74.2%. The polymerization of sodium tripolyphosphate  is carried out under negative pressure. When the negative pressure of the exhaust fan is abnormal and the negative pressure can’t reach the value of the polymerization reaction, the gas combustion is insufficient, and a mixed explosive gas is formed to explode when it encounters high temperature materials.
  3. When the gas is ignited, the water seal water isn’t completely discharged, and the gas pressure fluctuates, causing the gas to burn without gas for the exhaust system, resulting in a mixed explosive gas explodes when it encounters fire source.
  4. High pressure material conveying. The pressure of high pressure pump can reach 10-15mpa. If the high-pressure material slurry leaks abnormally, it will cause burns.
  5. Treatment of abnormal gas water seals may cause phosphate mud burns.
  6. Mechanical injury accidents may occur during the maintenance and use of equipment.

Safety Control Measures

Measures to prevent severe acid-base neutralization reactions, other abnormal conditions, burns during material transportation, and carbon dioxide poisoning from reactions.

  1. Set the amount of phosphoric acid according to the ration of acid and alkali for automatic control.
  2. Wear protective equipment.
  3. Turn on the stirrer and induced draft fan in order, make sure the solution in the neutralization pot is alkaline when neutralizing. Then open the acid inlet valve for neutralization.
  4. If overflow occurs in the process of neutralization, stop throwing acid and alkali immediately and add water to dilute. Shut off the steam in the pot, turn on the draft steam, and the operators should leave the site quickly.

Countermeasures against abnormal reactions in polymerization furnaces

  1. Install gas alarm device in polymerization furnace head. Employees wear carbon monoxide alarms to conduct inspections on time to identify problems and deal with them in a timely manner.
  2. Maintain and clean the fans regularly.
  3. Install a positive pressure alarm system on the exhaust system.When the exhaust pressure changes from negative pressure to positive pressure, an alarm is issued and measures are taken in a timely manner.

Countermeasures for problems that gas may encounter during ignition

  1. When using gas, drain the water in the water seal in time, turn on the blower, and the induced draft fan, adjust the amount of induced draft fan.
  2. Ignition must be performed by 2 or more people. When the gas is used for the first time, the gas should be inspected to make its oxygen content under 0.8. If unqualified, evacuation by venting the tube to make it qualified.
  3. Ignite the ignition stick, extend the ignition stick in front of the gas burner Another person opens the gas valve, ignites the burner, and then opens the gas valve, ignites the other gas burners. If it doesn’t burn the first time, close the gas valve quickly, exhaust the gas from the furnace, and then reignite as required.

Countermeasures for abnormal leakage of high pressure material pump

  1. Observe the current of the high-pressure pump motor at any time to keep the current stable.
  2. Before stopping or starting the pump, the pump and pipeline must be cleaned to prevent the material from crystallizing and causing the pump or pipeline to be blocked.
  3. Prevent abnormal pressure, material spraying and hurting people when performing gas ignition, flameout procedures and fire adjustment. Wear protective masks.
  4. Observe the atomization condition of the spray gun and the furnace condition to prevent the imbalance materials in the furnace and the furnace gas from being sprayed from the observation hole to burn people. People should stand on the side of the observation hole to observe.

Measures to prevent abnormal conditions of high temperature material transportation

  1. Wear labor protective equipment.
  2. In case of sudden power failure, open the emergency water tank bottom valve of the furnace head, close the water seal of the furnace head quickly, cut off the source of the slurry, and drain the material liquid in the feed line to avoid clogging and crystallization.
  3. When sampling, stand on the side of the sampling port to prevent pressure abnormalities, and the material in the furnace sprays out and hurts people.

Countermeasures to prevent the occurrence of mechanical injury accidents

  1. Meet the requirements when turning the equipment cover.
  2. No debris can be placed on the operation site, as well as the furnace tail operation platform, and the crusher platform, so as to avoid falling and hurting people due to vibration.
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