Trisodium Phosphate Uses in Textile Printing And Dyeing Industry

1.Used as hard water softener.
Trisodium phosphate can react with soluble calcium salt and magnesium salt which can form pot scale easily in water to produce insoluble calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and other sediments suspended in water, so that the boiler does not form pot scale. At the same time, the excess trisodium phosphate, can also make the formed part of the pot scale soft and off. Therefore, it can save the coal, the safety of the boiler is also maintained and the service life of the boiler is extended.
2.Used as scouring aid for cotton.
The water of cotton cloth boiling water is hardness, so proper TSP should be added as water softener. It has the advantages of improving the capillary effect of fabric. After softening the hard water, the caustic soda in the training fluid will not be consumed by the hard water, which can promote the effect of caustic soda on the scouring of cotton cloth. In addition, trisodium phosphate reacts with calcium and magnesium salts in hard water to become insoluble calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate salts.These phosphates are not sticky and do not stick to the fabric like the calcium and magnesium salts of soap.In addition, it also has osmosis and emulsification.
3.Used as detergent and metal cleaner.
Trisodium phosphate can increase the wetting capacity of water. It also has the function of emulsification, and is an excellent detergent for removing dirt from hard and metallic surfaces. People can wash the bottle with 1% trisodium phosphate solution to remove dirt in laboratory. Before printing cylinder chrome-plating, 5% trisodium phosphate solution can be used to clean the surface of the copper cylinder grease, promote the cylinder chrome plating smoothly.

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