Phosphoric Acid in Food

The Amount of Phosphorus in The Body

The content of phosphorus in the body is only the second to calcium, which is about 650g-700g, about 1% of the body weight. It accounts for a quarter of all inorganic salts in the body. Among them, 85% to 90% of the phosphorus and calcium are combined in the form of hydroxyapatite in the bones and teeth. And the remaining 10% to 15% are combined with proteins, fats, sugars, as well as other organic matters, and are distributed in almost all tissue cells, about half of which are in muscle. Phosphoric acid in food is very common. 

The Effect of Phosphorus on The Human Body

Physiological Effect

It is an important component of bone, teeth and soft tissue. The combination of phosphorus and calcium can form insoluble salt, which plays an important role in the development and mineralization of bones and teeth. During the formation of bone, 2g of calcium requires 1g of phosphorus. Unlike calcium, phosphorus is also a component of all soft tissue cell membranes and nucleic acids. In soft tissue and cell membranes, phosphorus is mostly in the form of organophosphorus, and a small part is in the form of phospholipids and phosphoprotein. Phosphorus is bone is mostly inorganic orthophosphates, and a few exits in different forms of phosphate ions.

Regulates thermal energy metabolism. In the metabolism of body, glucose 6 phosphate and triose phosphate are important intermediate products of glucose thermal energy metabolism. Thermal energy is stored in the form of high-energy phosphate bonds, which is the main source of chemical energy in cells.

An important component of enzymes. Many enzymes in the body, such as thiamine pyrophosphate, pyridoxal phosphate, coenzymes Ⅰ and Ⅱ, all require the participation of phosphorus.

Physical activation. Glucose metabolism requires the activation of phosphoric acid and make it form glucose 6-phosphate before the reaction can take place. Fat is insoluble in water and needs to be phosphorylated in the blood to make it more water-soluble before it can react.
Phosphates are also involved in regulating acid-base balance.

Function in Absorption And Excretion

In absorption. Phosphorus in food is more easily absorbed by the humanthan calcium, and its absorption rate decreases with the increase of phosphorus in food. The absorption site of phosphorus is in the small intestine, and the absorption rate of mixed diet is 60% to 70%. The absorption rate of milk-fed infants is about 65% to 75%, and 85% to 90% when breast-fed. However, the absolute absorption is still high for the food containing more phosphorus. The factors that promote phosphorus absorption are mainly25-(OH) 2-D3. The factors that affect phosphorus absorption include phytic acid in food, cationic Ca2 +, Mg2 +, and so on.

In excretion. Phosphorus is mainly excreted from the kidneys. The body mainly inhibits the absorption and excretion of phosphorus by renal tubules through parathyroid hormone, regulates the phosphorus concentration in the blood to maintain the phosphorus balance in the body.

The Proper Amount of Phosphoric Acid in Food

In general, phosphorus in food is far more extensive and richer than calcium, so it is not lacking. People who are deficient in phosphorus tend to be heavy users of antacids or fasting. Phosphate overdose can cause hypocalcemia, resulting in increased neural excitability, hand and foot convulsions, and convulsions.

The requirements of phosphorus decrease with age, and are related to protein intake and thermal energy metabolism. The appropriate intake of dietary phosphorus (AI) for adults in China is 700mg/d, and the maximum tolerable intake (UL) is 3000mg/d. Almost all foods contain phosphorus. Eggs, lean meat, fish, cheese, animal liver and kidney are rich in phosphorus and easy to absorb. The content of phosphorus in plants food, such as, kelp, tahini, peanuts, nuts and grains are also rich.

In addition, phosphates are the most common food additive in some processed foods. As the main raw material for many phosphates, as well as the important food additive, phosphoric acid in food is necessary. Buy high quality food grade phosphoric acid with the most reasonable and competitive price from Chemate, contact us online now.

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