Uses of Sodium Tripolyphosphate And Trisodium Phosphate in Textile

Sodium tripolyphosphate stpp and trisdoium phosphate tsp can be widely used in various industrial fields as additives to achieve different functions.

Both orthophosphate and polyphosphate play a role in textile processing. Trisodium phosphate is used as a source of alkalinity in the fiber reactive dyeing process of cotton and cotton blends. Its use makes the dyeing process less sensitive to pH fluctuations that might otherwise occur. This can lead to an increase in productivity in the dyeing process. Trisodium phosphate can also be used in scouring formulations, especially for synthetic yarns.

In the preparation of fabrics for dyeing, less streaks and spots were observed in fabrics refined with sodium tripolyphosphate stpp, which is particularly evident in dark fiber reactive dyes. For that this dye may hace problems with uniform coloring. STPP chemical has proven to be an effective builder and can be used to improve the quality of fabric preparation.

In addition, the uses of phosphates can achieve many unique functions in cleaning, finishing and dyeing. When used in combination with soap or synthetic detergent, they have a synergistic effect on the detergent and improve its permeability, wettability, emulsification and dispersibility.

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